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PURPOSE OF LIFE జీవిత పరమార్థం

Purpose of Life Guru: Who is that? Child! Why are you so anguished? Student: I am blind and groping in darkness unable to perceive the purpose of this life. G: Do you think there is a purpose to this life? S: Isn't there any, master! There were Rishis who learnt and taught Vedas and Upanishads, there kings and Monarchs who conquered the worlds and also the mean and the meaningless.  What happened to them all after death, Master? G: You innocent duckling! When the whole world is mad of sensual pleasures with this body, why do you bother what happens after death? Forget about that inquisitiveness. I will teach the way to possess all the eight coveted treasures. Enjoy them. S: No master! No! I enjoyed them all and learnt that they are ephemeral and mean. I hold no desire for them. There is one question that plagues me. Where do we come from? Where do we go? Enough if you clear this doubt. G: When it is beyond the realm of divinity to grasp it, what to speak of mortals? S: If seers lik