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Double Decker In Varanasi :
In Kashi, from August 15, Native foreign tourist will be able to take 750 rupees and enjoy cruise on Ganga, it will also get facilities…

In the world’s ancient city kashi, the dream of cruise operations on the ganges is going to come true. The Cruise ‘Alaknanda’ will give a darshan of the ancient ghats of kashi every day. The cruise has been placed on the khiṛakiyā ghat in the ganga bank and its trial has been started. It is preparing to start its operations from 15th August. Many private companies including the tourism department are also preparing for cruise operations. Under Startup India, the Nordic Crusaders will operate the double decker cruise between the pan̄cagaṅgā ghat from the assi ghat. When the water is better, it can be run between Cathy and kisses.VARANASI UPDATES

The most important thing is that the party, business meeting, marriage-marriage will also be done to the spiritual event such as rudrabhishek. A wonderful view of ‘Ganga Aarti’ in the morning and the evening will be taken from this cruise. On the demand of tourists, it can be operated on the day. Ā’īḍablyū’ē’ā’ī will cooperate in the cruise operations. Permission from the forest department has been allowed. This is the first cruise company that has made registration in the tourism department for cruise operations in Uttar Pradesh.

You will get this facilities.
The first floor of the Ganga-running double decker cruise will be fully air-conditioned.
An open area has been created for photography on the second floor with the restaurant.
A live broadcast of kashi’s history and ghats on the screen of TV.
The Guide will give the tourists full of information about kashi.
The ramp has been made in the last part of the cruise, the religious event will be able to be here.
At the time of the party, 125 people will be able to join, the music evening will be held.
A person will have to spend rs. 750 (by GST) for travel on cruise. In this package, it will also be able to enjoy banarasi khan-drinking with the discount of the coming-down. The tourists will eat food like a plane.

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