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When we talk about Arunachalam, three major things comes into our mind. Lord Shiva, Giri pradakshina and sri Ramana Maharshi.
Sri Ramana Maharshi (30 December,1879-14 April,1950) was born in Tiruchili, Tamil nadu in 1895. He was born as Venkataraman Iyer, but commonly known as Sri Ramana Maharshi.
At the age of 16, a sudden fear of death befell him. He was struck by ‘a flash of excitement’ or ‘heat’, like some ‘avesam’, a ‘current’ or ‘force’ that seemed to posses him,while his body became rigid. He initiated a process of self-enquiry what is that dies. He concluded that the bosy dies, but the ‘current’ or ‘force’ remain alive which he later identified with the personal God or Eshwara.

After this incident, he lost interest in school,studies,friends and relation and wanted to become a sanyasi. Knowing that his family would not allow him to become sanyasi and leave home, he left the home by telling his brother that he needs to attend a special class at school and boarded a train to Arunachalam where he remained for the rest of his life.
While he was in Yoga(tapassu), he did not even care though his body was eaten by ants and some bugs and performed the yoga, another yogi by named Seshadri Swamy found him and said the other people that there is a balaswamy performing yoga near “PAATHALA LINGA” and asked the people to bring him out. He was completely sick and naked when he was out from Tapassu.There were many peacocks, monkeys in ashramam which moves in freedom. Ramana maharshi ashram is 1.5kms away from Arunachaleswara Temple.

If you want a free room in Ashramam, you need to mail them before 2 months. Send your details to stay@gurumana.org to book for free room. Listen to SriChagantiKoteswaraogaru’spravachan on Arunachalam and know about Ramana Maharshi before you visit Arunachalam.



There is no direct reserved train from Hyderabad to Arunachalam. You need to take hault in Chennai or Katpadi. From there you can reach to Arunachalam by bus or train.
From Chennai it takes 4 hrs by bus to reach Arunachalam. From Katpadi it takes 3hrs by bus and 2 hrs by train.


There are no frequent trains from Tirupathi to Arunachalam. Rameshwaram express runs 3 days a week(Sunday, Thursday, Friday). It starts at 12 40 pm in Tirupathi and reaches there around 5 15 pm.There are frequent buses from Tirupathi that are operated by APSRTC and Tamilnadu RTC. There are direct buses too. If you didn’t get direct buses, you can travel till Vellore and then to Arunachalam. During auspicious days like pournamietc, Tamilnadu government runs the buses from Arunachalam to Vellore for every 5 min through out the day.


You can reach Arunachalam from Bengaluru by Puducherry Express which is 3 days a week train.(Monday, Thursday, Saturday). You can travel till Katpadi and from there you can take another train or bus. Travel time by bus is 3 hrs and by train it takes 2 hrs to reach Arunachalam from there.


There are buses from Kanchipuram to Arunachalam and reach there in 3 hrs.

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